MIT Running Club

Come run with friends!

MIT Running Club was founded in 2013 and revived in 2018 to provide an outlet for novice, intermediate, and experienced runners in the MIT community of (under)graduate students, staff, faculty and visitors. We're an official MIT Club Sport composed of running-loving scholars and friends.

We welcome runners of all backgrounds and abilities, so whether you're race-ready or more of a casual runner, we're happy to have your company! The club is open to all members of the community. Our goal is to provide regular training opportunities, socialization, encouragement, and practical advice.

There are no membership dues required to run with us, but you must file a waiver and join our Club Sports roster.

You should join our mailing list ( and Slack workspace to get club updates. We also have a Strava club, Facebook group and Instagram.

Please send any questions to We're looking forward to running with you!

**Spring 2023 Semester Update**

Practice Times:

  • Mondays: 5:15 pm
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 7:15 am
  • Wednesday: 6:15 pm (or 6:30 pm at Tracksmith 285 Newbury St)

  • We meet outside the Z Center enterance on the side of the Kresge Auditorium: Google Maps marker.

    We send an email before each run with a proposed route - to join this mailing list follow this link or email and we will add you.

    Here is a compiled document with some of our running routes. Enjoy!

    Feedback Form

    MITRC aims to be an inclusive group that welcomes and respects runners from all backgrounds. If you feel you have been harmed by any past or current behavior related to the club, please fill out the Anonymous Contact Form so that we can work to address the situation. Also feel free to leave comments or suggestions for how we can improve in general!